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Advanced search, data & discovery tools you need to find the best music NFTs and the music artists who created them. 

Fans & collectors can also improve their ranking, access exclusive mints and showcase their galleries.

Music NFTs built & sold on Solana

We love Solana. It’s fast. It’s cheap. It’s reliable. 

We wanted artists to benefit from the security and flexibility of this technology, and fans to enjoy the low fees and fast transactions.

For that reason, Solana is at the core of our music NFT platform. 

🔒Flexible & Secure

Transactions are processed by the Solana network. No 3rd party can stop the process. 

💰Cheaper Fees

Compared to other platforms where transactional fees can reach the $100s, Solana offers lower fees.

⚡Faster transactions

Money is transferred faster than a regular bank transfer. Connect your wallet and see the magic happen.

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More than just NFTs

Ranks, competitions and network – we’re working to make Soundpickr a centre to exchange, flex and share your gallery of music NFTs.

Whilst we’re building these tools, you can join the conversation on our Discord community below.

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