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Samba Aba Diakité, was born in Bamako in the popular district of Lafiabougou, on December 29, 1991. Having grown up among elders themselves influenced by hip-hop culture and having under the roof of the family home a big brother musician known in the Malian musical world under the name “Le Fou”, he will not be able to resist the tendency of his milieu. Once in high school, after an interesting and exciting discussion (considered the trigger) with a friend, Supreme Abidox ended up joining the studio and grabbing the mic to direct his very first sound. The second track won't be long in coming and it's the start of a musical life that will be full of adventure. With growing popularity in his native district of commune IV (Nani); to pursue studies he was sent to Turkey after the baccalaureate continue his education. Once in college, he couldn't make enough time to rap. However, he did not not give up his passion of music. At university, he would meet people with whom he shares the same passion; Appreciating their styles and texts, Suprême Abidox decided to devote more time to music by spending hours in the studio with his new friends Raycon, Thusna and many others. The passion and energy of his friends from various origins grow day by day with love of hip-hop. From the family home in the old working-class district of Fiabougou to the upscale and upscale districts of Istanbul, he decided to take his rap to a supreme dimension, representative of his artist name "Supreme Abidox"!

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