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Originally from Normandy, Adam made a unique impression since he first appeared on the scene. Currently based in Paris, the young french producer and DJ has already signed a single called "<a href=\"spotify:album:4DENPYB5tU6BCSUUg8luct\" data-name=\"Well Well\">Well Well" with the australian label <a href=\"spotify:artist:5aDhBOQYVrLUm7MBH0pGN8\" data-name=\"\">, released an EP <a href=\"spotify:album:0xrkfs2rjJSd2HsylOsCkm\" data-name=\"Diva\">Diva on his own entity which has been featured by the internationally renowned "Resident Advisor".
His releases have turned heads and generated very real excitement for his next moves.

Adam's production style is emotive first and foremost, while his dj sets display a wide range of sounds and influences, all connected to coherent and emotionally reverberating hours of music.

contact ~ [email protected]

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