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Adam Spira

Adam Spira

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I have met a lot of amazing people who have helped push me and guide me to where I am today as a creative who now wears many hats in this industry such as being an artist, a songwriter, VP of A&R, manager, engineer & much more. In 2014 I started working with CEO & Producer, “Ashton Adams” over at Ashton Adams Music/ Kyngdom Studios based out of my home town of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. From 2014 to now I have worked with a lot of talented creatives who have helped me hone in on my songwriting and take my own music as an artist to another level like, Ashton Adams, Nukky, Tunes, KYNGS, KVNE, 347aidan. In May 2019 after the birth of my daughter I released my first single on streaming platforms called, “Winnebago”. I felt that single would allow anyone who listens to join me on my journey and experience my life with me at that point in time. After now releasing 6 singles and reaching over 360,000 streams on Spotify alone & still buzzing, I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Thank you so f*n much to everyone who has been rocking with me up to this point! ILY! Keep enjoying those beautiful vibes! 💛❤️

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