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Adamn Killa

Adamn Killa

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  • Underground hip hop
Artist bio
Bursting onto the scene in early 2015 with numerous singles that undoubtedly prove the following notion to be true, Adamn has always been one step ahead of the game as far as helping to define a scene goes. The scene in question here was the once upincoming - now essentially mainstream - underground hip hop spectacle. The level of intentional ignorance and the overwhelmingly catchy factors that saturated early tracks such as “I Feel Like I’m Ja Rule” and “Know What They Payin” served as warm ups to the sound that would come to define the rap’s youth for the rest of the decade. Adamn truly hit his mark in 2016, as his Back To Ballin project turned thousands onto his unique sound and delivery, one that grew ever so signature with each song on the album. A telling cosign from another one of underground hip hop’s most influential figures - that being Yung Lean - set his future up for the brightest of horizons. 2017 would see Adamn’s sound evolve further with the release of I Am Adamn. At this point his stature in the rap game was set in stone, and his influence was put on full display. Many others took what he had experimented with for numerous years and set the world on fire with it -- the credit for the rise does indeed deserve to go in part to Adamn and what he began with. The sheer amount of influence that has come courtesy of Adamn is something that cannot be ignored, and it will continue to be a steady fixture in this era of hip hop. - Written by Billy Bugara

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