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Rome-based Producer and Music lover born in 1991. Since the very beginning music has been part of my life and once I started making my own songs in my room, I couldn't help but share them with the world. I founded the indie-pop band THEWER in 2013 when our first EP “Morning Comes Electric” came out. In 2014 we release our second EP “Pirouette” and had the chance to tour all across the country. In 2017 our first LP “Werever” came out and “THE WER” headed to X Factor ending the race at Bootcamps. In 2018 the band decided to split. In 2018 I release 3 songs with one of my best friends TDY MooD and produced together 3 songs: “With U” ft. Matt Morgan; “Lovebug” and “Honoluyou” ft. Elö. In 2020 I started dropping music with labels such as Wanderlust Rec, Jupita Rec and more. Always keen and open to new projects and collaborations. 
 Music is intimate, personal and gets stronger when shared with people. This is the purpose. 

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