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Anna Secret Poet

Anna Secret Poet

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  • Scottish rock
Artist bio
Things are never what they seem! Anna Secret Poet goes beyond poetry - she is a lone crazed guitar-wielding, genre-defying anomaly. You're guaranteed that if someone describes or compares her there's nearly always a different description given. She's been welcomed at cabarets, comedy nights, drag shows, poetry/spoken word events and grassroots rock gigs alike since 2016. Four albums and an E.P. later she's ready to unleash a new opus entitled 'Pity Party' which was written and recorded entirely during lockdown. "Heavy enough to make CRASS magnificent beautiful chaos" NHC GONZO DIVISION "A perfect musical blend of cultural observation and parody" HEDERA FELIX "Honest, humorous and non compos mentis in the best possible way" STEPHEN WATT Photo credits; Debbie McCall, Amy Irene Marquez and Them! Images

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