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Artist bio
Annalise is a young Singer/Songwriter from Australia, highly motivated and devoted to her craft. Annalise is a gifted musician, who speaks to the soul with her meaningful lyrics. She has a unique flair for poetry whilst capturing many fans through her moving melodies. She always strives to connect with her listeners through her emotive and heartfelt tunes showcasing her unique ability to touch people’s emotions. Annalise has collaborated with notable producers in many countries such as Australia, Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. To date she has released 24 singles on all major music platforms and received a large amount of airplay on many community radio stations around Australia as well as Europe and America. She has also been interviewed with the renowned commercial radio SBS Australia, with her previous singles being premiered on the show. Furthermore, her latest singles have been topping the charts on Banks Radio, Sweet Sunday Sounds ( Valley FM), Australia and Sound Street Radio in United Kingdom as well as Indie Star Radio in Los Angeles which has recently been nominated for Pop Artist of the year. She has also appeared as a guest and has had the opportunity to be interviewed by the renowned Australian Musicians Radio Station. Annalise continues to journey forward in her musical career building connections with those who love and appreciate her music.

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