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The atypical techno duo. ANNANAN are a Berlin-based songwriting and live doublet. Together, they combine husky vocals and pithy drums in their analogue-driven sets. Recognised for their bone-chilling aesthetic, the pair lure their listeners into a nebulous underworld, as displayed on imprints Pinkman and Forbidden Planet, and on their own label, Machine Jazz. ANNANAN stands for raw and noisy vibrations. Their music’s energy is characterised by a harsh density and a balanced introspective dialogue of sounds, structures and atmospheres. It's dark and abrasive tone, enriched by haunting vocals and melancholic synths, might dominate, however finds its complementary counterpart in wildly driving rhythms and particles of light, pending and pleasant melodic figures. Their live performance is a dialog between machines and humans, material and energy, Anne and Tom. The audience is sucked into the space created by sounds and emotion radiated from the stage. The key concept of their concerts is improvisation. Nothing is fixed, nothing is set. Based on the initial compositions and arrangement, every performance gains uniqueness through the improvisations influenced by the energy of the moment, the nature of the venue and the communication and interaction with the audience. It is their urgency to continue and extend this dialog.

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