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Born in Hawaii & raised in American Samoa, Annastasia was always surrounded by music even while she was in the womb. She realized around the age of 10 her deep admiration for the piano and how complex of an instrument it was. With only less than a year of piano lessons under her belt, her grandparents encouraged her to start playing in church around the age of 11. Because of that opportunity, she started playing for local talent shows, island-wide competitions and eventually alongside highly-respected musicians of the local church in American Samoa. 
 Around the age of 18, Annastasia auditioned for the X-Factor. Unfortunately, she never made it past the first round of auditions and vowed to never pursue music anymore. Consequently, she enrolled herself into ROTC, a college military program, to escape feeling like a failure and yet, she realized towards the end of her first year of college that she couldn't deny her love for music anymore. She found confidence again by involving herself in the church again and sharing her talents with just a few to eventually thousands of people from so many different walks of life. 
 Her very first single “I Can’t Breathe” was written in 2020 out of frustration, sadness and anger after learning about what had happened to George Floyd. Little did she know, this would be the birth of her pursuing her music dream. Now, her goal is to release more songs & inspire others through her original music.

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