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Arcade Astronauts

Arcade Astronauts

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Arcade Astronauts - this is who they are! Unique duo coming from Gdańsk, Poland is here to push the sonic plow to it's limits while creating energizing music compositions drawing mostly from metalcore, post hardcore, djent and ambient.

After reaching a specific point in their experience with other music groups and projects, those two decided to go all-in the current path. This is what they wanted, this is what they worked for. Learning from others' mistakes and raising the bar all the way up.

Arcade Astronauts' music circles around the fusion of metalcore, post hardcore, progressive metal, djent and ambient. In their creations you can hear both heavy, groovy riffs along with subtle, clean instrumental parts. The group rejects hackneyed idea of releasing an album every now and then, giving way to more "nowadays" method of publishing their material as single pieces only, which lets some fresh air in and keeps their workflow vibrant and exciting.

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