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Arctic Border

Arctic Border

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Arctic Border is a modern jazz piano trio. With roots in Denmark, the trio’s compositions have a nordic jazz vibe, which combined with classical backgrounds, makes for a new and unique sound. With the help of energy filled improvisation and strong melodies, the trio will explore communication between musicians, and between audience and musicians. The compositions are always open for interpretation, and anything can happen if the music demands it. Every piece is performed in a new way each time, taking inspiration from the room and audience. Everything can be a source of inspiration, if you look deep enough.The debut EP Sleepwaltzing is mysterious and intriguing. It is inspired by the night and the darkness which conceals shapes, forms and movements. In the dark, even the slightest noise catches our ears’ attention. Everything we hear at night is clearer, and much more defined. In the night, we start to vision what the music we hear looks like, but in the morning, every sound we heard, every dance we made, every vision we saw, is forgotten. Only the vague feeling that something special happened remains. Piano:

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