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Aria Deep

Aria Deep

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It’s Alex Pop and George Rizopol, who teamed up to create Aria Deep in 2014 and it has been their passion ever since. The project is focused on a blend of melodic progressive house and trance, bringing inspiring stories behind any track. To mention a few things, so far they've released 3 EP's, and lots of remixes and original compositions and had collaborations with artists like Rick Siron, Cosmaks, Jan Martin, Cosmic Gravity and Moonwatch3r. They've received much appreciated support from artists like Shingo Nakamura, Roger Shah, Roald Velden, Tom Fall, The Grand Sound to name a few and released at labels like Progressive House Wolrdwide, Synth Collective, Sunset Melodies, Sunstate Records, Eliptical Sun Melodies, Emergent Shores or Ask4 Records in Romania. At this stage, Aria Deep goes on with George aka RhiZoo continuing the project. Keep an eye on Aria Deep as there are exciting tracks and surprises for the future! Thanks for following us!

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