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Aria Rostami

Aria Rostami

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  • Experimental ambient
Artist bio
The child of Iranian immigrants, Rostami started playing instruments as a child and began releasing music in 2011, while living in San Francisco. Two digital albums on Audiomoves, Form and Uniform, introduced his style of abstract beats and chilling textures. Decades/Peter, two related but contrasting sets of recordings, was released by Crash Symbols in 2013. Czarat, a clubby EP with a melody played on a tar (a Persian stringed instrument), appeared on Spring Theory in 2014. The calmer ambient techno LP Agnys came out on Spring Theory in 2016. Wandering Eye, the first of several collaborations with Daniel Blomquist, appeared on Glacial Movements, and was quickly followed by Signal Artifact on Jacktone. Reform, a much brighter, almost Balearic album, was released by Zoom Lens in 2017. Rostami then moved to Brooklyn after living in San Francisco for 11 years. His self-released Numb Years reflected his experience living and working in a new city. Distant Companion, a dark industrial techno album with Blomquist, was released by Dark Entries in 2018.

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