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Arian Hagen

Arian Hagen

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Artist bio
Arian Hagen (* 07.01.1994) is a composer/producer from Halle (Germany). His sound is a mix between classical pieces and atmospheric electronic compositions. Influenced by musicians like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Burial, DJ Premier, Flying Lotus, Clint Mansell and Philip Glass (etc.), Arian composes emotional and atmospheric pieces of music. Typically you will hear him lay down slow and driving drumbeats with precise additions of textured electronic sounds as well as live instruments and field recordings. He also likes to composes solo pieces for his main instrument, the piano. Arian likes to treat his music like a diary, capturing his emotions and experiences in sounds. The visual aspect of his music is also important to him and always on his mind while producing. After sharing his music on Soundcloud he quickly got a following. Later he was chosen as the "Soundclouder Of The Day". In 2013 he released his first album ("The Meaning Of It All"). It features some of his Soundcloud friends and a artwork by the indian artist Archan Nair. Between 2013 and 2018 he concentrated on producing conceptual EPs. In January 2019 he released his second LP "An Oasis Within The Chaos". Now he's back with his third studio album, "Balanceakt".

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