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Avichi A.K.A Jamarcus Muex realized HE WAS MUSIC and being an entrepreneur was him as well. Thinking on mogul status, his “Liquid Gold” record featuring Godthottie was recorded and started buzzing in the streets. Produced by Kevin Fortune, this record has a dope hook on it that has that “million dollar” like Avichi says! There are numerous meanings behind LG but the three entities that Avichi built was his Liquid Gold to a life that could help his family, bring indie artists to have the mentality of building an empire on their own and to expose the true meaning of why he was placed on this earth. Reality is real life and everyone goes through trials and tribulations and depression was Avichi’s devil on the shoulder. No one really understands depression and the world it can take you into to. From disappointments to family members passing and a few failed attempts at relationships that can break any man and have him questioning his very existence is how Avichi found himself trying to become a mogul and trying to save his own life. He was being pulled left, being pulled right and he jumped up and decided to fight for his life. Jamarcus Muex knew what JetLiphee meant to him and his fan base so he focused on building until he had a solid foundation. His dream is to run an international independent record label, create a charity for depression for the youth, and to provide something great for them. " if I give up, who is going to notice”. Avichi , take notice!

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