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Baset Alhassi

Baset Alhassi

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Artist bio
Baset Alhassi is a Libyan musician and singer who grew up in his hometown of Benghazi. Since his youth, Alhassi has had a love for music, his tastes and influences ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to Ahmed Fakroun. His career began in the mid 80s after he learned to play guitar and used it as a stepping stone to develop and refine his talent to what he is today. He traveled to Europe, learning to play the ukulele, banjo and many other rhythm and percussion instruments. Working alongside many performance groups, his high ambition took him to Switzerland, where he lived for four years and became known for performing songs by Cat Stevens, another influence during his youth. Alhassi traveled to many places across Europe, settling for a short time in Frankfurt, Germany where he released three albums of his own. Alhassi currently resides in Paris, France and continues composing his own twist on folklore and contemporary music. Baset Alhassi’s albums include,Fursan, ya Lail ya gumar, min ghal and his latest release is garaht algarh, he has also released a large number of singles.

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