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Brennan Savage

Brennan Savage

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SP Rank: 1201
  • Emo rap
  • Dark trap
Artist bio
In the 4 years Brennan has been making music, he has amassed a huge fanbase of extremely dedicated fans. Drawn to his emotional music inspired by a variety of genres, Brennan’s supporters look to him for reassurance that they are not alone. 
 Born in Long Beach, New York, Brennan grew up Skateboarding and casually playing sports. Brennan moved to San Diego when he was 9 years old after his father, a New York City Firefighter, retired after being a responder at ground zero on 9/11. Brennan was bi costal most of his life, going back to New York often for holidays and summers. His musical interest were inspired by his father, who raised him on classic rock and folk music. His favorite artists being Bob Dylan, The Police, The Beatles, Elton John, and many other iconic acts. Brennan was close friends with fellow Long Islander Lil Peep his whole young life, and shortly after they both graduated high school, they moved in together to Los Angeles. As Peep pursued his music career, Brennan attended Glendale Community College, looking to receive a degree in business. He felt that this was his only choice for he had no chance being successful in music. Eventually he was pushed by his friends who were established artists to give it a shot. Shortly after his career evolved to where it is now.

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