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Brothers Abiding

Brothers Abiding

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Brothers Abiding is a contemporary Christian worship band created by brothers, Nick and Eli Akin. Nick and Eli are gifted with multi-faceted talents which means they have their hands on each step of each song from writing to recording to producing. Their songs have been described as simple yet deep. Simple enough to sing with and stick in your mind and heart, yet lyrically full of deep truths that point every listener to the power, love, and grace of Christ. The name, Brothers Abiding, expresses the heart of their music and ministry. They are not only brothers by blood, but brothers in Christ. Nick and Eli know that they can do nothing without Jesus, and true ministry is the fruit of abiding in Christ first. Nick and Eli desire to see others join them as brothers and sisters through faith in Christ. Their music, testimony, and personal lives acknowledge the desperate need we all share to abide in Christ.

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