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Daren Wait

Daren Wait

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I hate to brag and shit, but you were wondering. I maybe took myself a little too serious starting out and was " A Downer" as a family friend described it. That Bitch! lol, but I was starting over after some of the hardest lessons in my life and I was heartbroken. I wont even get into the troubles I was born in to and had to overcome to get to the Conception of "Daren Wait" . I'll just say dare and wait were some of my best characteristics that payed off the highest. This album : "Thy & Thou Dyck Van G." Out 4 20 2022 is a celebration of eccentricity, love and acceptance by a performer who has been not only accepted but acclaimed as a singer who can steal the show from legendary Drag Queens, lol. I'm a founding member of an exploding hometown act "The Kids in the Ball". We are a drag troop and I'm the King baby! This role has transformed my performance level to a higher plain, and it's awesome! I make better money performing my own music than anybody in a non famous band can make in a night. This is why your coming to a show!! You want to hear me sing "The Bitch is back" and see how I could possibly follow that up with originals. I can, I do and I will!

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