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Dorian once again

Dorian once again

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Artist bio
Dorian O.A (Once Again) simply Dorian is a songwriter producer composer musician multi instrumentalist from Rome, his field of action goes from author music to minimalist experimental pianistic echoes from classic blues jazz shades to electronic progressive sinth pop rock post new wave with ambient incursions with particular attention to the literary part of the lyrics. Philosophy existentialism are the cognitive fields in which he likes to move. In 2017 he won an award in the world music trophy in Las Vegas with a decadent sinth rock song 'Right Direction ". Since carrying out his recording project he has released a series of singles some converging in a 2018 Ep" Play it again. .Dorian Also in 2018 he released "Memento Mori" a progressive rock album . In 2019 he released "Bianco Selenico" a crepuscular album, which contains electronic rock . Also in 2019 a concept song "Nihil il nulla" is released. Then again an album of soundtracks "Soundtracks" seasoned with piano suites. In 2020 he released an English single "Loser" and another single "Covid 19" an electronic post new wave song. In May 2020 his fourth album 'Frontiere' is released. In October 2020 he is among the winners of the contest organized by romacapitale with the song "Rome". In June 2021 it will be the turn of his fifth album "In search of lost time. In March comes out his new single "Il Vaccino".On July 2022 he released his album "Gnosy"

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