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I wrote "These are the Books of the Bible" (if it can be considered writing it) for my kids and the kids in my children's ministry at my church. I think it's so important that we pass on a love of God's Word to another generation, especially for times like this. I've seen first hand how important a kids familiarity with the Bible is. It make the Bible accessible to them even when they are young and removes the fear of opening it up and reading it for themselves. I've seen it in my own children and how willing and proud they are to have their own Bible and to be able to find the stories we talk about. Whenever I ask someone if they know the Books of the Bible, if they say yes... they say they learned it as a KID in a SONG! and still know it BECAUSE of the SONG. There a lot of great songs out there, but my hope is that this is another great tool that encourages families... adults and kids to experience the Living God through his Word. Do you know the Books of the Bible?

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