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Juan Alejandro

Juan Alejandro

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hey, I'am 17 years old, lost the most important person in my life and just started making music april 2020. I do the music I love and I can identify myself with. Every single note i sing or produce, express my emotions and how I feel. Music helps me a lot not to loose myself and to stay focused on what is important in life. Even when the darkest feelings insida me beat the shit outa me, there can be one song, one little melody, that helps me not to drown in this bad energy. I don't do music just for one single type, i'll release everything that sounds good to me and that can express my fellings.
i hope u like my music and if you don't, don't waste ur time hating... life is beautiful and you shouldn't loose the opportunity to do something good when u are only focused on damaging other people. Write me on my Instagram to let me know what can be improved, because nobody is perfect and I know that my music is way away from something we call it perfect and me as person too, but thats why i wanna progress and improve myself and my music anyone else should do the same, appreciate everything and just love the right persons. Thank u for listening.

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