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Kryptic Heart

Kryptic Heart

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Artist bio
Faith Jeannette, also known as Kryptic Heart, was born and raised in Yucaipa, California. She started playing piano as a child while taking lessons with a vocal/piano instructor. During this time, she wrote her very first song with guidance from her teacher. The song was titled “I’m Okay”; she knew from this moment she couldn’t live without writing music. Throughout her musical journey she has performed original music “Change”, “Where to go” and “the March Rises” as well as cover songs “My Romance” and “Everglow” in several recitals, gigs, and talent shows. As she developed a passion in expressing her feelings, heart, growth and memories in her music, she discovered the ability to incorporate unique and different styles into each song. With a mix of alternative, classical, jazz, and other styles of music, she captures the wonder and authenticity of her songs through contrasting styles and forms similar to Coldplay and Norah Jones. She soon felt the desire to find an artist name, and Kryptic Heart illustrates the heart and how it is a mysterious thing. The heart is vulnerable yet it is very powerful. That is how she desires her music to be. Her latest single "Love is Art" will be out October 10th!

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