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Maddie Adderley

Maddie Adderley

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Artist bio
Born 2002 in London, Maddie has always been drawn to the music and lyrics of singer/songwriters. From an early age the music of Regina Spektor would play on a loop in the car when on holiday. She was AS obsessed with reading and learning “off by heart” the lyrics of Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Lily Allen, Nellie McKay & other female vocalists, from the pages and notes of the CD cases, as she was listening to the music. Her first instrument was the Trumpet, and whilst she would go on to outgrow the instrument itself, this skill brought her into contact with many jazz artists and jazz numbers. Sensing he had a new jazz convert, her father would buy her the vinyl albums of many great female jazz vocalists Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Nina Simone as well as the be-bop jazz of Miles Davis . 
 Maddie’s other big passion has always been cinema and film, which brought her indirectly into contact with a singer songwriter who has possibly had the biggest impact on not only Maddie’s music, but also her approach to musical and lyrical arrangements; Amy Winehouse. Seeing the documentary AMY, quite simply changed her life as she saw how a singing artiste’s life could be folded so brilliantly and emotionally into her music and her lyrics. Maddie is a big believer in not nailing her musical colours to one mast – preferring to sample the sounds, bass lines, tricks and motifs of countless different genres of music and filter them down into her own unique fusion of them all.

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