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Mnemonic Advice

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Mnemonic Advice is me, Josh Carus, a New Jersey raised college student. It is a one-man band and recording project that I began in high school when I decided it was finally time to get recorded versions of my songs out in the world. I felt a consuming need to share my songs, my passion, my energy, and my evolving musical identity in its rawest form as quickly as possible because it had been burning up inside me for years. I wrote Dissociate in high school and recorded it on my phone using Garageband. It was originally released on Bandcamp on November 1, 2019. In making Dissociate I learned a lot about not only making a record, but myself as well. I have learned from the greatest artists that your art sometimes encompasses more of your identity than you ever intended for it to, and that is a message I want everyone to hear because it is so fucking important. You and your art work together symbiotically; making art helps you love yourself, and loving yourself helps you accept the art you create. 
 My second album, Need a Vacation is out now. It is a rock album through and through about living in an old suburb and the dichotomy between its beauty and its vices. It deals with the internal and external conflicts you face within the odd limbo of your college years.

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