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Noble Savage

Noble Savage

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NOBLE SAVAGE is a darkwave and postpunk revival project born in L.A, California. It has the spirit of a city of immigrants, which has been essential to punk and all the countercultural manifestations that followed: it’s a city of a thousand faces. Is a face without a face, in a perpetual hall of mirrors. This is why the project’s sub-logo is the alchemical symbol for mercury…which, according to Paracelsus, is the element that transmutes and transforms. HARI SAMA, a Mexican film director and musician who is now an Angelino, is NOBLE SAVAGE´S spokesperson. NOBLE SAVAGE is a slippery character: a poet, a Steppenwolf, a revolutionary, a beligerant performer and a Magician with intense social anxiety that relies on HARI SAMA to have a voice for the outside world. It is SAMA who attends interviews, who voices NS allowing him to live for the stage, where he comes alive and transfigures all his personal shortcomings. NS emerges in a young scene that takes the sounds of 80s electronic underground (cold wave, dark wave, synth pop) and transforms them into something new, fresh and powerful. But since NS also participated in the underground of the 80s, in music and in performance, NS is a new manifestation of something that was already in his genes. It takes the deep shadows of his baritone voice and the ostinati of the dark wave and adds a pinch of hi-NRG in the style of Bronski Beat.

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