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Peter Hearne

Peter Hearne

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Artist bio
Melbourne based singer songwriter Peter Hearne spent his childhood being dragged from theatre to concert hall to tv station with his parents who where professional Music Theatre and variety performers. It was at this point his journey as a songwriter began by seeing how audiences responded to what was presented with. He is to this day a keen audience observer. Peter also had a fascination with sounds, natural sounds, mechanical sounds and was totally obsessed with drums. Recording equipment was pretty basic back then but Peter would arrange sounds and bounce them fro 2 track to cassette and have an extremely low fi multitrack recording by the end he also liked to build stages out in the back yard and play along to records on his drum set. At age 8 Peter taught himself to play chords on piano and guitar and was taught drums by a local teacher. It was at this point that he proudly announced to his parents that he was going to be a song writer, to which they answered no your not. Not wanting upset the apple cart and defy his parents wishes, Peter pursued a career as a dancer, singer, actor, director, voice actor, radio presenter, producer, writer, stage manager, choreographer, but finally when most would be thinking of retiring, Peter started writing songs and in his words. "I just didn't want to die wondering".

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