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Pud Alone & the Congregation

Pud Alone & the Congregation

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Artist bio
Pud Alone & the Congregation is based on the singing and songwriting of Per Ahlén. Per is the former frontman of the Wayward Souls, who in the 80's released three albums that were critically acclaimed both in Sweden and abroad. This new band was started by Per and guitarist Ulf Berlin based on a desire to give a warm, folksy and timeless sound to the songs inspired by the late 60's US/UK rock/pop scenes. They were joined by multiinstrumentalists Kim Stensland and Göran Westling. With Kim’s unique and sometimes jazzy bass playing and the sweet, melancholic Swedish folk tone of Görans violin, the sound was complete. In just two years, 30 or so songs where created and the band were ready for their first album. Through a friend they met Michael Blair, drummer, percussionist and producer who has worked with some of the band’s favorite artists, including Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Lou Reed and Ryan Adams. Michael liked the band’s demos and joined the process of making the album. He asked musician and producer Eric Bazilian to join in for the final production and mixing. Eric is frontman and singer for the Hooters and is also an acclaimed songwriter and producer with mega-hits like Joan Osborne’s ”One of Us” on his merit list. Eric too liked what he heard and wanted to contribute. The band was flabbergasted. What was just thought to be a documentation of some songs by four guys rehearsing on Tuesday nights had turned into a professional production. Read more at

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