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Rauw & Teder

Rauw & Teder

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RAUW & TEDER (Raw & Tenderly) will evoke associations in some with the atmosphere in a brothel, or perhaps with the urge for the intoxication of alcohol or drugs, or with the flight into the night, or perhaps with the eternal adoration of an unattainable muse. It is the eternal contrast between the joys and the burdens. The musician's life also has such contradictions, such as endless traveling through wind and weather, often well into the night, and the magic of playing on stage. However rock & roll it would have been: it was not in a brothel, but in the dressing room of a music center where Jeroen Booy (ex-The Scene, Roberto Jacketti & the Scooters) and Bart Minderman (ex-Vandenacht) met. Booy and Minderman decided to write their own repertoire together, they have proven to be an enormously productive duo of writers. In line with previous bands they play solid rock & roll with tight drums and heavy guitars. Any comparison with the past stops here. At RAUW & TEDER the band guarantees the RAW promise. All kinds of love affairs pass in the lyrics, often with some self-mockery. Minderman sings against the band violence and is responsible for the part TENDERLY. The combination of hard and soft, raw and tender results in some very accessible songs in which you are occasionally reminded of Iggy Pop, AC / DC, sometimes a little Bowie and even Roxy Music. Keep following us!! There'll be loads of songs of us on Spotify!

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