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“Student of Life” 
 “A recent slogan if you would say, that has really impacted my life these past couple years! You can never stop learning, I learn something new everyday I take responsibility in taking in as much as I can when it comes to everything! I’d like to build myself as a jack of all trades, though people are always telling me to focus on one thing, I have multiple dreams I plan on achieving.” - Saïd 
 Raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota Saïd spends his life with aspirations to play professional soccer! Music is simply a hobby for him! 
 “Music was something I always kept to myself, I’ve always sat down and written music when I was alone, feeling down, or just in the mood to write! whether it was mentally, notes on the phone, or bringing out a sheet of paper. I decided to actually come out and take it serious after finding a studio and gaining the confidence to show the world my talents! I give most of the credit to my peers, my engineer Vafa Kaamil and especially Stanley Scott, a role model of mine and an excellent artist!” He goes by Sti-Lo Reel 
 Saïd says he has videos in the work for his recently released mixtape “I Do This” coming the month of November! Also a bonus track dropping on the 5th! 
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