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Savannah Outen

Savannah Outen

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SP Rank: 4699
  • Viral pop
  • Post-teen pop
  • Channel pop
Artist bio
Oregon-bred, Savannah Outen is a powerful singer/songwriter whose style has an honest tone that steals everyones attention. Her music showcases themes of love, heartbreak and growth with her vulnerable way of storytelling and restless intensity. Savv’s music transcends the limitations of singular genres, blending alt, pop, and indie vibes into her own sound.
 “I just want to sing, create music that connects without any crazy gimmicks and stay true to myself...even if I have to do it the hard way. Celebrating your own true self is liberating and that’s what we’re all craving these days”, Savannah explains.
 Her music is inspired by all the great (or not so great) loves of her life, but sonically, think of John Mayer, Hozier and Christina Aguilera- if they had a song child. "As for my writing inspirations, I’ve always been in love with the way McCartney and Lennon, Joni Mitchell and Sara Bareilles preserve a moment on paper”, says Savannah. 
 She had much success on YouTube at an early age, garnering over 150 million views / 650,000 followers. She’s been featured on KiisFM LA, Refinery29 and more. Savannah’s music gets unsolicited love from Sirius (Coffee House, Venus, Howard Stern, etc) as well as synch placements on Grownish, Dance Moms, Teen Mom and more. 
 She’s currently working on her upcoming project with Brian Brundage (Leon Bridges) & Keaton Stromberg.

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