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Savas Pascalidis

Savas Pascalidis

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b. 1970, Stuttgart, Germany. Pascalidis creates a genre-transcending music approximately equidistant between techno and disco. Inspired by his father, a Greek disc jockey, as well as disco and early 80s music, Pascalidis began playing dance sets in 1985. Five years later he instigated his home town’s first weekly techno parties. In 1995, he began recording his own sounds (having been taught the basics of electronic music making by Megahertz’ Goran Besoy), releasing a series of well received EPs and 12-inch singles: ‘The Power Of Music’ and ‘Masterblaster’ via Affie Yussuf’s 909 Pervertions label, ‘Helter Skelter’ via Loriz Sounds, and ‘Sugarland Express’, ‘Cosmic Dancer’ and ‘Sexomatic’ via Kurbel. In 1999, Pascalidis established his own label Lasergun (subsequently releasing tracks by Water Lilly, Mr. Lovelace, Sneak Thief, Neon Man and others), the sci-fi theme of which was to be echoed in the title of his 2003 debut for DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolos imprint, Galactic Gigolo. According to its creator, Galactic Gigolo was intended as a concept album for which ‘the main idea was to make tracks for a techno science fiction movie’. The release seemed to explicitly draw influence from the incidental music from science fiction movies as well as early 80s computer game music, techno and disco. Pascalidis acknowledged a surprising influence via a cover version of ‘Love Makes You Crazy’ from Zero Zero, the Mike Batt -penned musical production set in a time zone when love has been abolished and become regarded as a disease to be avoided. Pascalidis’ ‘System 605’ drew its title from the same musical. Less unusually, Pascalidis covered a Visage track warning of the dangers of smoking (‘Tar’) while ‘She Blinded Me With Sciene’, drew its title (albeit via the subtraction of a letter ‘c’ from its last word) from the Thomas Dolby electro pop track that it sampled. Pascalidis has also completed remixes for Agoria, Richard Bartz, Sexual Harrassment, Club MCM, Binge And Purge, and Water Lilly.

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