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Teresa Aalto

Teresa Aalto

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Artist bio
Teresa Aalto is a hobby musician living in Stockholm, Sweden. Teresa’s music is modern with influences from the 80’s and 90’s. The music and lyrics are like a roller coaster, just like life; light and darkness, highs and lows. A reflection on everything that we go through and can relate to. It's true, honest and naked. No filters. Ever since Teresa was a toddler she has shown an interest in music. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 6 but decided to quit instantly because the teacher taught her things she already knew. She gave it another chance five years later, just for the sake of learning to read notes. This however was in vain because the notes did not make any sense to her. The teacher only had to play something once and Teresa would repeat it by listening to it. The piano teacher was frustrated because Teresa didn't bother to read the notes. Teresa, on the other hand, was frustrated because the teacher didn't appreciate her talent; playing music by ear. Teresa quit again. From that day, Teresa has continued learning by doing and has evolved into the self-taught and independent artist that she is today. And no, she still doesn't know how to read notes.

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