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The Client Said No

The Client Said No

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Every year music production companies spend hours, days, weeks or even months creating beautiful music for commercials. And while everyone gets to hear the songs when the commercials come out, we never get to hear the ones the client rejected. In 2018, 5 music producers decided to perform their 12 favorite songs rejected by clients. Soon, what started as a bit of fun, snowballed as “The Client Said No” began to be invited to play at several festivals of creativity. Well-known brands even began to hear the songs. So much so in fact, they quickly started to lose songs from their setlist as some were quickly licensed by new customers. Because of this the band always has freshly rejected songs at each show, meaning that every show has a new and interesting surprise. It’s a band made up of top musicians with an Indie sound, that takes the rejected compositions and tailors them to its style. There was soon enough demand for the band’s music that in 2019 they set off on a tour of Europe and South America and also released an album of denied songs. This year Artur Roman and Victor Leguy joined the band on tour, replacing Markus who moved to Switzerland and Kabé Pinheiro who has just become a father. Both Markus and Kabé will continue to record with the band.

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