Artist or rightsholder
Investor or fan
Which account is for me?

Investor account

The investor account is our standard account. With it, you’ll be able to search artists to invest in, whether you’d like to take part in their next funding round, NFT or IP sale whilst having all the data you need to make the right investment decision.

Not just that, you’ll also be able to search for similar artists and grow your investment portfolio based on the right suggestions and trends. 

This account is for occasional investors, music companies looking for new clients (record labels, publishing companies, artist management…) as well as fans. 

Did you purchase an NFT from your favourite artist? Would you like to grow your NFT portfolio and make purchases based on data research? This account is for you.

Are you a label looking for new incredible talent whilst understanding whether you’ll make any ROI? Sign up now and take advantage of our unique data.

Artist account

Are you an artist looking to find new people to work with? If you’d like to find similar artists based on earnings, genre, followers… Or if you’d like to work with someone who can give you exposure to a new territory, then this account is for you.

With and artist account, you’ll be able to showcase your data to potential investors as well as have access to a global database of artists with whom you can collaborate and grow audiences