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Adam Ulf

Adam Ulf

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my pink hoodie is my favourite (and only) hoodie, and it has stains all over

love amelie from montmartre, but i also have the softest spot for sci-fi and silly action, and "love actually" is a GREAT film as well

recently started sitting in silence 20 min in the morning, and without going full-throttle hippie on you, i do find it soothing for my overthinking

sometimes escape through books, am obsessed by neil gaiman (you know the film coraline? he wrote the book it's based on)

not a crazy fan of mariah carey overall, but gosh darn it, "without you" is one of the greatest ballads ever

don't hand me a guitar during a party asking me to play, i get super uncomfortable (would like to get comfortable with it though, so maybe you should hand me a guitar so i can practice oh but please don't)

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