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Soundtrack your project with the
best music in web3

Get started for free. Our products are designed to meet the requirements for any web3 project.

Soundpickr music for gaming industry
Soundpickr music for gaming industry
Soundpickr’s Metaplayer
Music for all tastes
Install our Metaplayer in less than 10 minutes. Improve your user experience and future proof your virtual environment with the best music.
Soundpickr music for gaming industry
Every game is different,
but we have everything you need

Soundpickr icon music
Background soundtracks that fit the game’s story. Select audio from a extended set of genres and moods.
Soundpickr icon music
Radio stations
Give users the opportunity to enhance the gaming experience with dynamic radio stations.
Soundpickr icon music
User-generated playlists
Give your players the opportunity to build their own soundtrack. Access our music library and let them get creative with their favourite sound.
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