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The Mass Awakening

The Mass Awakening

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Artist bio
The Mass Awakening is the debut creation of singer/songwriter, Eddy Lindsey. Bridging the gap between alternative and EDM influences, The Mass Awakening infuses its electronic repertoire with a punk rock level energy and styles its lyrical conviction behind a well-crafted veil of melodic pop.

All of the music is written, arranged and produced by Eddy, who began the songwriting process in 2013. The singer recounts the seven year journey on the road to completion: "The songs were produced with not much more than a mic and a MacBook", he explains.

“My aim was to create something that was 100% authentic.” He continues, “I needed to ensure that my vision for the first album was untouched by the music "business". What you're experiencing is the raw form - without outside producers, collaborators or engineers. It's all me. That type of truth and authenticity is what this album is all about. It’s not something that’s seen very often in the music industry and I'm proud to be one of the few who have pulled it off.”

On the album: “I was in the absolute darkest place of my life when I wrote it. I'm so incredibly fortunate to have made it through and come out the other side. My aim is to take fans on that journey - coming from a place of total despair to finding a path of liberation. I want to help people find empowerment. There’s no greater feeling to me than to be able to that through music.”

The Mass Awakening's latest release, ‘United Fates’, is available November 13, 2020.

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