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  • Cascadian black metal
Artist bio
One of the most powerful things about the landscape of Oregon is the Columbia gorge - enveloped on both sides by two major mountains, barred from each other by a mighty river and a vast expanse of virtually overgrown wilderness. Finding solace from this landscape away from the metropolitan world, Aleynmord set out to explain the many different feelings one can experience in a self imposed isolation. With a range of vocals from a shrill cry, yells, cleans and even americana-esque whistles enshrouded by a fog of thick guitars and a walking bass, The Blinding Light is a short collection of tracks which convey this powerful emotion that can only be attempted to describe. Peaks of concentrated musicianship are then cut apart by various valleys of acoustic works resembling and forest worship culminating in a crescendo of domineering solos. A contrast of pain and beauty, Aleynmord makes use of every way to describe the emotional poetry of isolation in the wilderness.

Pre-order "The Blinding Light" out on AOP Records August 28th at
Charon's Bell Curations (Canada)
AOP Records (EU)
Indie Merchstore (USA)

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